Hi! I'm Julie, welcome to my dirty XXX secret! By day I'm a good neighbor, community organizer, and quiet student. By night I'm a dirty talking sex fiend on a never ending quest to get laid! I've been collecting pictures and videos of myself and my fuck buddies for over 4 years now. My collection has grown to well over 10,000 pictures and 100 hours of video so I decided to put it all on-line for the whole world to see! I'm addicted to fucking myself, guys, girls, couples and I capture it all on camera for my Web site. Every week I add a new set of pictures and video with details of my latest sexual conquest. In an attempt to satisfy my exhibitionist cravings I also do live cam shows several times a week. I really love getting off in front of a live audience. Anyway, please keep this site a secret, if my neighbors and friends found out they would die!
There I was, all ready for bed, and in came Jon totally naked with a grin on his face. I know what that naughty smile means! “It’s been a long time since I got to play with a cock” I said. But it looked like I was about to get my chance! Still in my pajamas, I leaned forward on the bed and took Jon’s cock in my mouth.I wanted to feel it get stiff on my tongue. Why do I like that so much? It gets me so hot to know I can make a dick grow right there between my lips.Taking the shaft in my hand I worked over the head of his cock, teasing it to get all swollen for me. Bouncing my head over him,I took his balls in my hand. He loves it when I gently massage them while I blow him! I could feel his meat fill up right then and there. His tensed,swollen cock in my mouth, I rolled my tongue up over the head and let a big stream of spit fall out. Now it was all good and juicy for me to stroke while I continued sucking the tip into my mouth. Spit was even dripping over my chin. I opened my pajama top to cool off. I could tell Jon loved the look of me playing with my tits and nipples while I sucked and stroked his throbbing member. Taking him in both my hands I did double duty, running them along the entire length of his long shaft.Jon sat back on the bed and let his dick stand straight up. Mmm it looked so tasty. I knelt down right away and started sucking him hard and fast. “Mmm I know you’ve got a nice bit load of cum in that cock” I told him, looking Jon right in the eyes. From the look on his face I could tell he did. All I needed to do was work it out of him. Stroking with my hand and sucking at the same time, I started to bob my head furiously over his dick.I wanted that cum! Sensing that I was dying to taste his gooey load, Jon stood up on the bed and took his cock in his hand. I sat up and put my waiting mouth right under the head of his cock. “I want you to cum on my face” I told him, opening my mouth wide and stroking his balls. Spit from my mouth ran over his dick now. I was so ready for a big wet facial! Right on cue Jon’s load fell out in streams over my mouth. Mmm yeah, hot and sticky, just how I wanted it! Now that’s what I call a nightcap. Click here for more naughty Julie.
Hot Ass Chaps
Ladies, you know how it is. Every once in a while you have to get yourself all dolled up and remind your man how sexy you can be. You’re not just the lady who does the dishes and writes out bills. You’re a hot diva who can drive him wild! To do this, I like to dress up in one of his favorite little outfits and greet him at the door after a long day.The other day that’s exactly what I did, dressing up in my denim chaps outfit. He loves the way my ass and pussy show through! Prancing around the living room, I did a sexy little striptease. His eyes lit up for me! This was going to be good. On the table next the couch I had hidden a small white vibrator. I was going to show Jon just how I wanted to fuck his cock tonight.Spreading my legs wide on the couch, I opened my pussy and rubbed the toy along my shaved pussy and over my clit. Mm it felt so good I had to grind my hips and get all juicy with that vibe right on me. It was such a strong sensation I decided right then and there to cum in front of Jon and drive him crazy watching me writhe in orgasm. Such a turn on!“In these pants we can’t NOT do doggie style” I said, looking back at him over my freshly juicy ass and pussy. On my hands and knees over the couch, I worked the toy deep into my throbbing cunt. You should have seen the look on Jon’s face...and the bulge in his pants! Let me tell you, that boy sure as hell remembered what a hottie he has that night! Click here for more naughty Julie.
Julie And Kelli Red Rubber Domination
When Kelli showed me her brand new one-piece pvc red outfit, I thought it was incredibly hot! But, even better, I knew I had a dress that matched it exactly. Mmm yummy a fetish fest with Kelli! I even grabbed my little riding crop for a little discipline. Woo hoo! After some sweet, sensual kissing along each other’s breasts Kelli sat back on the couch and spread her long legs for me.Her crotch exposed, I picked up the riding crop and playfully hit her sensitive pussy with it. She squealed and jumped at the mixture between pleasure and pain. I even lightly spanked her swollen nipples with the crop. She smiled and moaned. It’s a hot, sexy sting we both loved. To keep up the contrast between stinging pain and tenderness, I pulled her bottoms to the side to expose her tasty slit.Kelli’s clit was already swollen when I took it in my mouth, licking and sucking gently. Working her pussy faster and faster, I wanted to get her to cum for me so I could taste her all over my face. Kelli was pumping her legs back and forth, getting her pussy to grind even harder on my mouth. She was so close. A combination of my mouth and fingers sent her over the top with a high pitched screaming climax. Oh yeah!And then, for being such a slutty girl, she got a big spanking on her butt! Click here for more naughty Julie.
Oh I can dress up sweet and innocent, but I can’t stay that way for long! Right on the living room couch I decided I needed to suck a dick until it squirted cum all over my face. Would a good girl ever think of that? Nahhh. But a naughty girl just can’t get it out of her head! I told Jon leave his clothes in the bedroom and let me get that dick all good and stiff.By the time I got it to my lips it was already perking up for some action. Before I knew it I had a rock hard cock on my tongue. All it needed now was some spit to get it good and juicy. Oh yeah! Jon could see I was in a raunchy mood and he leaned over to spank my naughty ass. I’ve been a very bad girl!Now all I was missing was that gooey load of creamy cum! I worked Jon’s cock furiously, stroking it with my hand while I sucked hard and fast over the tip. I got going so fast and hard that I started to gag. Damn his dick was swollen! I could tell it was about to burst so I backed up and opened my mouth. “Uhhh huhhh” I moaned as big drops of cum shot into my mouth and over my chin. Overflowing from my lips, I worked every drop back into my mouth, even playing with it in streams with my fingers before licking them clean.It’s always the sweetest looking girls who are secretly nasty! Click here for more naughty Julie.
What does a dirty girl do when she’s alone in her bedroom? Pull her tits and ass out of her nightie and play with herself, of course! Me? I couldn’t even stop to take my nightie all the way off, I just pulled it down and grabbed my panties off.I was so horny I needed to get at my pussy right away! My fingers on my clit, I pulled a hidden vibrator from under the pillows. Perfect! Laying back and turning the vibration up to its maximum. Oh yeah, this is just what I needed. I sat up so I could ride this buzzing cock like a horny cowgirl.But I knew I could get an even better angle, and get this toy right on my g spot, if I would lay back and fuck myself deep with it. My legs in the air, I pounded my little hole over and over with that toy. It was so close, a nice, big, screaming, “YES!!” I cried out and came hard and fast. Creamy wet juices exploded out of me. Dirty girls always have the most fun. Click here for more naughty Julie.
Julie And Kellis Sex Masquerade
Two naked blondes in masks? Sounds like my kind of party! Kelli and I were having too much fun with our masquerade masks, we didn’t want to take them off, even when we played together. Kelli put on her black strap on and started at my feet. Licking my toes and taking them in her mouth, she had total control over me.When she moved up to get her tongue into my pussy, I happily obliged. But what she really wanted was to give me a hard fucking with her plastic dick. I showed her exactly how I would suck it if it were a real cock. A nice, sloppy blowjob before I turned around and crouched over her cock. I was riding her in reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down over her new dick as she grabbed at my ass.To give me the rough fucking I deserved, we moved into doggie style so Kelli could pound her cock into me. Grabbing at my hips and pulling me to her as she slammed the strap on into my dripping cunt, she even grasped a handful of my hair and pulled to get more traction. She was fucking me so hard! Mmm yeah I loved every minute and my orgasm was coming up on me quickly. Yessssss!! My pussy exploded over her black rod. Click here for more naughty Julie.
Bubble Suck
I was enjoying a nice warm soak in the tub when Jon showed up in the doorway with the camcorder. He was totally naked and smiling. I know what that means! Fun time for Julie!! Woo hoo! I invited him in, saying “Come on in, don’t make me wait!” Jon stood in the tub, both feet in the bubbly water as I licked his cock and teased it hard. Looking at his smile grow and turn into small gasps for breath, I knew it was feeling good!To get his dick feeling even better, I braced my arms on the sides of the tub and started bobbing my head up and down faster. His cock was standing straight up into my mouth as the water sloshed around from all the motion. I think we even got some out of the tub and onto the floor!I was moaning to get the vibration over his prick as I sucked it in deeper, looking him dead in the face. Teasing my tits and pulling on my nipples, I worked that cock with no hands. It was so big and swollen it choked me for a second! Damn!Spitting and stroking on his throbbing dick, I was dying to feel it pulse and cum for me. Jon was ready, for sure. I stroked him with my hands and opened my mouth wide for his batch of man goo. Oooh yeah, let me taste it!! So delicious. Click here for more naughty Julie.
Red Rubber Hottie
I got this new red dress today, it is kind of rubbery, like stretchy latex or pvc. Just trying it on made me hot! So tight and shiny, mmm. When I got it home I put it back on again with my favorite red platform heels. And while we’re sticking to the red theme, why not pull out my red jelly dildo too? The one that vibrates. The thought of slipping it into my panty-less pussy had me talking dirty right from the start.By the time I leaned back on the couch my tits were out and my legs were spread as I flicked the tip of the buzzing toy over my clit. I was so wet I could slip the flexible toy right into my hot little cunt. Oh yeah! This is exactly what I had in mind. A thick hard dick in my pussy! I had sexual energy to spare, and it was time to switch positions and hit new spots inside. I sat up to ride that dick. Bouncing and grinding over it. An orgasm was so close.Fucking it harder and harder, all at once I came, yelling out “Ooooo yeah!!” But one climax just wouldn’t be enough. Laying back on the couch again I lifted my legs back behind my head and started pounding away at my juicy hole. I would get at my g spot even if I had to stand on my head today! “Ooo yeah, make me cum...fuck” I was panting. Circling my clit with one hand and slipping the toy in and out with the other, a big wave of orgasm overtook me. Slow and long, it was a good one! Click here for more naughty Julie.
DC Diddle
We all know that when I’m horny, which is always, I’m impatient to get to the action. On our recent trip to Washington, DC I was horny the whole time! Every time I was in the room or the elevator, or even the taxi, I was pawing at myself and Jon. He couldn’t keep up!A few of the nights I would sit right down in the hotel room chair and pull out one of my toys to get off with. This one night I grabbed my vibrating “egg” for my clit and sat down half naked to get myself off. A lot of you have seen me use the egg in cam shows, and you know how hard it can make me cum.I wasn’t messing around! My knees up to expose my pink glistening box, I rubbed the egg directly on my sensitive clit. The toy was turned all the way to maximum. I would show my pussy no mercy, I had to cum! When I was so close to exploding in orgasm, I had to stop moving completely.Holding the egg in one spot, I just let the vibrations move from my clit through my entire body. One building, pulsing ball of heat. Pushing my head back I let all that tension, all the built up sex energy flow and a deep climax washed over my body from my pussy to the top of my head. It was sweet euphoria! Click here for more naughty Julie.
Kansas Suck And Fuck
Jon and I took a trip to visit some friends of ours in Kansas City. We were excited to see them, but when we got to their place we realized it wasn’t in town. It was way out in the boonies. What were we going to do all the way out here? The answer was fuck. Fuck, suck, and then fuck some more!This one particular night, Jon really had it in for me. He was dying to give it to me hard and fast. We started off with me kneeling on the floor in front of him, sucking his cock all hard in my mouth. I spit on and stroked his dick, getting it rock hard and ready for my pussy.Bending me over the back of our friends couch, Jon eased his stiff rod into me. Oh yeah. I can never get enough cock! Grabbing at my ass cheek for leverage, he pulled me deep against his big dick. Before I knew it he had one leg up on the couch and was pounding away and grabbing at my hair.Loud spankings rang out and a light sting came over my ass. Fuck yeah! But I needed to ride this long cock too. Jon sat back on the couch for me and I bent over him, reverse cowgirl style. I love it when he grabs my ass like this while I fuck him silly. Oh but we weren’t done yet. I still needed Jon’s thick cum! He stood up with one leg on the couch, me in front of him crouched down to get at his dick.As soon as I got my mouth on it he was grabbing at me, pulling my head over his cock.Mmm I loved it. Faster and faster he had me stroking and sucking that huge prick. His hips thrusting forward as he fucked my face, I could tell Jon was ready to cum. I opened my mouth wide and looked him right in the face. Just then a stream of cum shot out over my cheek. There was even some in my hair! I guess we need to get to the boonies more often. Click here for more naughty Julie.

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